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Anne M

I'm crazy about Beauty Counter items- they're groundbreaking, yield results, and are toxin free! The Beauty Counter consultant Sarah is so nice and really helped me figure out what to buy.

Sara B

I use an Osea cream on my skin when my skin breaks out the week before my period, and it magically gets rid of it all! My skin is renewed, and it smells so good!!

Hassie O

I can not stop reccomending this company. They have such amazing products--not only do they smell amazing but they actually do the job. They also make sure to only use the very best ingredients.

Karina C

All other brands but Blue Lizard have gone in the trash!! My family was on a vacation at the beach and we all got burned from the sun except for my daughter who has been given this sunscreen to use by her dermatologist! Now the rest of us are using it too!

Lilly W

These are the absolute best products on the market and thankfully they don't cost a fortune. My skin has never looked better. Outstanding products

Bernadette L

This moisturizer does a superb job of providing dry skin relief. Will be ordering more soon!

Hyacinth M

Amazing product for my skin, leaves no residue, and absorbant. Pity the pump stops working as well after a few weeks, needs redesigning.

Mindy D

Every makeup enthusiast should purchase Sigma! They have the most gorgeous makeup- I haven't found anything better!